Act(ing) with Courage

Amy Coutts
Certified Hypnotherapist

FREE yourself from fear. REBEL against rejection. Claim your COURAGE. Perform at your PEAK.

About Me

Why Work With Me?

Hi, I'm Amy Coutts!

Collectively, I have worked as an actor and ESL teacher for 18 years. I'm empathetic, a great listener, articulate speaker and solution focused individual.

I have seen so many people who lack confidence and belief in themselves and most of all, I noticed that in myself.

Along with my students and fellow actors, I felt fear of judgement and trepidation when I had to audition, stress around passing tests that kept me up at night but most of all, fear that people would see me for the fraud that I thought I was. I like so many others, felt that I wasn't enough.

For so long, I avoided really putting myself out there and I hid my bright light under a bushel to stay safe.

I knew on a conscious level choosing to live this way was denying me the chance to truly realise my potential, wholeheartedly pursue my goals and achieve my dreams.

I knew how badly I wanted to change this for myself and help others to do the same. Only problem was, I didn't know how. That was until 2016.

After discovering the amazing work that Marisa Peer had done with some elite men and women and completing her Uncompromised Life Program through Mindvalley Academy, I enrolled to train in Marisa's Rapid Transformational Therapy Method in 2017 and it was the best decision I ever made. I can now proudly say that I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and have more tools now at my disposal to help others in the way I truly want to.

I have worked with some wonderful people who have achieved fantastic, life-changing results and you can see some of these on the 'Testimonials' page of this website.

Do you want to become part of this group? If your answer is 'HELL YES!!!', you can schedule a free consultation by clicking 'CONTACT ME'

I can't wait to work with you! xx


Thank you for the fantastic hypnotherapy services. It really helped me overcome limiting beliefs and feel more confident to move forward with my life.

Keep up the great work!

Nicola - Author, Hove, UK

Amy provided me with an amazing RTT session that helped me tackle my procrastination issues. It really helped me uncover underlying issues and fix them so that I can move forward with my life. Amy is super professional with what she does and I felt absolutely comfortable talking to her about my issues and aspirations. I would highly recommend working with Amy if you want to bring amazing changes to your life!

Jasmine - Theatre & Film Graduate, London, UK

It was a pleasure to work with you, Amy. You are such an angel doing such an amazing thing with people. In the session, I loved the way you were showing all your care and concern to me.

I did listen to your recording and I am gonna continue doing it.
It has a positive impact on me. I can't explain how grateful I am.

This is an amazing feeling Amy and I fully learnt that I have phenomenal coping skills and it's possible because of you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
God bless you

Farheen - Dental Student, Bhandara, India

Amy has a very warm and caring manner, and I immediately felt very comfortable with her.  She was able to help me uncover memories of events from my childhood that were having a negative impact on me as an adult. 

Amy is very insightful and identified words and imagery that were very powerful and meaningful for me, and I always felt the benefits each time I listened to my tape.  It’s been over a month since I had my session with Amy and I can honestly say that I am finding it so much easier to let in praise (as well as praise myself), and feel so much more confident.

I would highly recommend Amy as she’s passionate about RTT and is a very skilled therapist, and really cares about making a positive difference in people’s lives!

Hazel - Speech-Language Pathologist, Nova Scotia, Canada

I went into my session with Amy with a somewhat cynical frame of mind. I had tried hypnotherapy in the past with a therapist and did not experience any positive benefits so I was unsure what to expect, if anything, from this one. I couldn't have been more wrong.

There was no nonsense or pretension, she just helped me get to a place where my mind was calm and open to the experience. I was able to vividly remember past experiences, as far back as 4 years old, that have had monumental impacts on me as an adult. Talking through these memories has been incredibly helpful in recognizing and restructuring my own learned behavior.

If you are on the fence about this, take my advice and jump off. Give her a call and let yourself be open to the experience.

Justice - Comedian/Graphic Designer, Los Angeles, USA

Amy is a gifted therapist. Professional, calm, reassuring and very capable. She uses amazing tools and goes right to the core of the issue. I felt safe in her hands and I thoroughly recommend her if you want help in your journey towards happiness!

Franz - Illustrator/Coach/Therapist, Norwich, UK

Since my session with Amy, I feel more determined and much more conscious of my thoughts and my attitude, so it is a choice of how I decide to feel. I feel a lot more on top of my game and I have a greater focus. Amy is very professional, trustworthy and makes people feel at ease. I felt very safe during our session. I was very happy with the session.

Lisa - Cinematographer, Melbourne, Australia

I had a fear of driving and cars in general associated to a time I was in a car accident. I wanted to try out hypnosis and was eager to face my fear. The hypnosis session I did with Amy was very helpful as she guided me to a place where my subconscious felt safe to change my self-talk. I was able to record the session and go back again and again to use it at home. Her voice is calming and she is very patient and relaxed. The whole experience was fun and insightful for me.

Bridget, Teacher/Artist, Melbourne, Australia

I had recently moved house and needed to get rid of some old things. Amy helped me to clear some of the internal blocks I had around this issue.

As I reduced the things around the home, my anxiety reduced and I now have a feeling of moving forward more calmly and steadily rather than getting anxious about change. I have also noticed that I am sleeping better as well because of the recording Amy made for me. I've been noticing the positives in my life and the roles I am playing.

Thank you so much Amy! I'm so grateful for your time. I would highly recommend Amy for anyone interested in trying RTT as a healing or problem solving technique.

Meredith, Coach/Teacher, Melbourne, Australia

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Hypnosis Recordings


Meanwhile, have a look at what some have said about my customised recordings below xx

Your sleep recording worked a treat! I was zonked before I even got to the end. You have the best voice for this! I've switched off some meditations because I couldn't stand the voice. I am very fussy so that's a big compliment from me!

Naomi - Education Coordinator, Brisbane, Australia